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Accueil Features: Natural energy

By staying at Isra Eco Chalet you are participating in environmentally
conscious tourism and your stay will not contribute to the pollution
of Chamonix valley’s delicate enclosed eco-system.

  • The chalet design maximises natural insolation with large South facing picture windows and a dark floor to absorb the free heat, (this also provides the spectacular views of the Mont Blanc,-we like win-win).
  • The main structure of the chalet is built using local renewable materials.
  • We use our own spring water for the kiddies pool and for watering the garden.
  • The underfloor heating is solar powered, (electric back-up).
  • All drinking water is filtered and re energised using Nikken technology.
  • We ask our guests to help us minimize waste by selective recycling.
  • The Chalet was conceived using feng Shui with the aim of maximizing the natural benificial energy of the landscape and arranging the interior architecture to promote Isra as a place of deep healing and relaxation. Isra’s Feng Shui design was created by Roselyne Steurer of Harmon’yi Feng Shui.
  • Isra Eco-Chalet was blessed on the Tibetain New Year 2007 by Lama Lungrie.

Trees For Life

For each group staying at Eco-Chalet Isra we commit to planting a tree at the Trees For Life Charity reforesting the Caledonian Forest in Scotland. This is to help offset the carbon deficit created by the voyage to come here. If you wish to have a copse of 5 trees planted then we will go further & buy one more tree to help your effort. Copses can be dedicated , you will get a certificate & can follow their growth online. We aim to have your stay at Isra Eco-Chalet make a positive impact on both local & planetary environment; each small step counts, each one of us can make a difference.